Protected: Byzantine Agreement on a Good Day

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“Nevertheless, She Persisted” book is out

I was introduced to the beauty of math by my high school Russian math teacher, Mr Gershovits. He taught us not just math, but the pleasure of grappling with math challenges. Most of our school years, we are fed with recipes and templates which we blindly memorize and apply. Mr G taught differently. He presented … Continue reading “Nevertheless, She Persisted” book is out

The BFT lens: Hot-Stuff and Casper

This post is the first in a series discussing: Today I am going to overview a new algorithmic foundation called ‘Hot-Stuff the Linear, Optimal-Resilience, One-Message BFT Devil’ (in short, Hot-Stuff), developed jointly with my colleagues Ittai Abraham and Guy Gueta, and harness it to explain the safety and liveness of Casper the Friendly Finality Gadget. The key take-aways are: We have excellent … Continue reading The BFT lens: Hot-Stuff and Casper