Dfinity Consensus, Explored

Did you ever wonder what is the BFT consensus engine that drives Dfinity, is it new or known, and how can it be improved? With co-authors at VMware Research , we explored the DFINITY Technology Overview Series on the Consensus System, and report our insights in a recent note on the Cryptology ePrint Archive .


HotStuff: Three-chain Rules!

Renewed interest in the Blockchain world on a long standing problem of asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) Consensus focuses on the following scaling challenges: Chain Quality necessitates fast/frequent proposer rotation for fairness and liveness Linearity means paying a communication cost that amounts to sending a proposal over the network once to everyone. This cost is kept … Continue reading HotStuff: Three-chain Rules!

The BFT lens: Hot-Stuff and Casper

This post is the first in a series discussing: Today I am going to overview a new algorithmic foundation called ‘Hot-Stuff the Linear, Optimal-Resilience, One-Message BFT Devil’ (in short, Hot-Stuff), developed jointly with my colleagues Ittai Abraham and Guy Gueta, and harness it to explain the safety and liveness of Casper the Friendly Finality Gadget. The key take-aways are: We have excellent … Continue reading The BFT lens: Hot-Stuff and Casper